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Love Birds {Salt Lake City Engagement Photography}

March 30, 2010

This couple is SO perfect for each other.  They are both hilarious!  We had such a great time shooting their engagements downtown & two days later, I got to photograph their beautiful wedding in Logan.  WOW!  More of those pics to come, but here’s a few of the love birds…


Loveless Family {Salt Lake City On Location Photography}

March 29, 2010

I love this family & it’s so ironic that their name is the ‘loveless’ family because they are seriously the sweetest, cutest family ever!  So nice & fun to work with.  We got two family poses in the wind, and then the snow came.  And it just kept coming.  We sat in the cars for a while, hoping to outlast the snow storm, but no such luck.  We drove all the way back to Kaysville, and the sun was out & shining.  WTHeck?  This weather…  but we still got some great pictures & the kids were troopers!  I love the studio ones… enjoy!

Bridals & Formals {Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photographer}

March 26, 2010

What is with the weather?  I am dying!  One minute, it’s spring & the next it’s snowing?  This couple here knows all about the challenges of Utah weather.  We had to do their formals all indoors, because it snowed ALL day long.  Then, when he left to go out of town, the sun came out & it was beautiful.  SO we did a bridal session with Angie outside.  I’m loving the pictures, I just wish the weather could have cooperated.  Hopefully by their wedding in April, the weather will settle down & we’ll have a beautiful day!    Enjoy…

Love Session {Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photographer}

March 26, 2010

Remember this teser?  Well, I guess now that the invitations are out… I can post a couple more.

It was freezing & so windy … but we’ve decided that since they’ve been froze out, snowed out & rained on… the wedding day will be perfect. It’s only fair, right?  🙂

A Sneak Peak… for Cheryl

March 22, 2010

I love this family.  So cute & so so nice.  They’re my neighbors… I’m seriously so lucky.  I love where I live!  🙂  I wanted to post just this one for now … I had 8 sessions last week.  And one of them was a wedding.  SO I’m exhausted.  I’m running on little sleep & even less patience for my kids.  But I’ll catch up this week, and hopefully fall asleep at some point tonight.

Back to my point, this picture is being posted because right after we shot this, it started to snow… hard.  We finally had to call it because we were all totally wet & it was only getting worse.  The poor kids were freezing, it looked sunny!!  Of course, we drive back to the studio & find sunshine.  What??  Anyway – I wanted to share this so they know that there are some great pics, even though the weather tried to run us off… Enjoy!

Lady ‘A’ & Mr E {Kaysville Utah Children’s Photographer}

March 17, 2010

These 2 little darlings were so fun to work with & I just love their mom!  There are so many great ones, it’s hard to choose.  But these are definitely some of my favs.  Enjoy!

Wendel Family {Davis County Family Photographer}

March 11, 2010

I had so much fun with this stylish bunch!  They were so easy to photograph – even though it was freezing cold!!  I think this location looks great on them!  🙂

Lacee {On Location Ogden Utah Photographer}

March 9, 2010

Lacee & Ashley are sisters & both so gorgeous!!  More of their cute family to come… enjoy!

Ashley {On Location – Ogden Utah Photographer}

March 8, 2010

Ashley is so gorgeous & was really fun to work with!  She’s getting ready to serve a mission in Nauvoo IL.  What an amazing experience that will be!  Good luck Ashley!!  🙂  More of her beautiful family to come.

Baby B – 6 Months {Kaysville Utah Baby Photographer}

March 1, 2010

Baby B is so sweet!  I love his parents too!  We have so much fun at the sessions & he is such a doll.  Even though I have to admit I made him cry a few times, well not me… my light!