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Audrey {Davis County Newborn Photography}

April 22, 2010


Taya, Emry & Liya {the entire post…} – Kaysville Utah Children Photographer

April 22, 2010

Love these girlies & their beautiful mama!  Look at these outfits & matching headbands.  She made them to match each and every outfit they brought.  How talented is that!   They are such sweet, fun girls – we had a great time.  And I loved meeting their new baby sister… even though she’s 7 months already!  Gorgeous.  Enjoy…

Baby Eli {Kaysville Utah Newborn Photographer}

April 17, 2010

Oh baby Eli.  What a precious little guy this is.  He belongs to my friend Lynette.  Her fifth.  Yes, I said fifth… as in number 5.  Cinco.  She has 4 others.  I think I made my point.  She’s amazing.  My hero.  We’ve been friends for 8 years & it’s so crazy to watch her kids & family grow.  I remember when we met, she had 2 kids & I had none & she was my hero then too.  Anyway – this little guy is the newest addition to her beautiful family.  They live in Seattle, so I don’t get to see them much any more.  I hate it, but it gives me an excuse to go there every year or so.  And we keep in touch of course… but I still wish she lived down the street.  I don’t think that will ever change.  It was so fun to get to meet him so soon after he was born.  He is 7 weeks old, which is older than most newborns, but I’m just happy we met before he was too big.  🙂  Enjoy…

His face in this last one absolutely cracks me up!  I love it.  I just might have to print it for my house, so I can smile every day when I see that look on his face.  I sometimes wonder what babies are thinking, as I’m putting them to sleep & then putting them in all kinds of precarious poses.  lol

Sophie {Fruit Heights Utah First Year Photography}

April 17, 2010

Miss Sophie is so freakin’ adorable!   She has the sweetest personality & is so fun to photograph.  She loved her tutus and frills, but wasn’t sure about diving into the cake during the photoshoot.  She was so timid, taking small pieces & tasting them.  By the end, we had some fun shots of her with the frosting, but she definitely wasn’t about to dive in!!  What a great session… enjoy!

Lincoln & Parker {Kaysville Utah Studio Photography}

April 13, 2010

I love when clients come back & I can see how they’ve grown.  These two cuties came last year when little Lincoln was a newborn.  He was so cute, he kept sucking on his big toe when I would pose him!  Adorable.  And he has almost as much hair then as he does now.  Love!!  And Parker is so fun & easy to work with.  How lucky am I?  Enjoy…

Sorry for the LONG post, I just couldn’t pick only a few!!  😉

Adorable Mr ‘M’

April 11, 2010

What a sweet baby – look at those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes.  LOVE!!  And that chubby baby body makes me love him even more.  Why can’t that be adorable when you’re, oh say … 29?  lol  Enjoy!

Kelli {Kaysville Utah Maternity Photography}

April 4, 2010

WARNING:  HOT MAMA w/ TINY BELLY.  Seriously she is 37 WEEKS PREGNANT!  I wish I looked this good today, completely 100% non-preggo, needless to say at 9 MONTHS ALONG!  Anyway – I think I’m done with the caps. I just wanted to get my point across that I don’t think it’s fair she look so gorgeous… but I am so happy that I got to take her pictures & enjoy this exciting time with them.  I do have a few more to come, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share these with you.  She’s amazing, not only beautiful, but so nice & fun to work with.  Her girls are absolutely adorable & I cannot wait to meet little baby girl in the next few weeks & do her newborn pictures!!  HOORAY.  Enjoy…

I know there’s a lot of black & whites in here, but I’ve always felt like those capture the moment somehow… more so than a regular picture.  And I felt like this precious moment had to be captured.  These 3 beautiful ladies, waiting for their little one to join their family.  And we got a few with dad.  So those will come…

Mister ‘A’ {Kaysville Utah Children’s Photography}

April 2, 2010

He looks so serious in this first picture.  Maybe he felt the responsibility of wearing a tie.  🙂  What a sweetheart little guy.  He reminded me of my little guys with all that chub, I just wanted to squeeze him!  He did let me hold him for a few minutes in between shots!  That’s what gets me day to day without a baby in my life.  That, and the LOVE of SLEEP!  🙂  lol   Enjoy…

Miss S & M … Sisters {Kaysville Utah Children’s Photographer}

April 2, 2010

Brit’s Family {Kaysville Utah Family Photographer}

April 2, 2010

I love this girl & her sweet kids.  Aren’t they all gorgeous?  Little Miss Lola was all over the place, she did not want to take pictures.  But she loved the bows, flowers & tutus.  Such a princess!  I love these pictures, I wish I could post them all.  Enjoy!