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Adorable Mr ‘M’

April 11, 2010

What a sweet baby – look at those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes.  LOVE!!  And that chubby baby body makes me love him even more.  Why can’t that be adorable when you’re, oh say … 29?  lol  Enjoy!


Kelli {Kaysville Utah Maternity Photography}

April 4, 2010

WARNING:  HOT MAMA w/ TINY BELLY.  Seriously she is 37 WEEKS PREGNANT!  I wish I looked this good today, completely 100% non-preggo, needless to say at 9 MONTHS ALONG!  Anyway – I think I’m done with the caps. I just wanted to get my point across that I don’t think it’s fair she look so gorgeous… but I am so happy that I got to take her pictures & enjoy this exciting time with them.  I do have a few more to come, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share these with you.  She’s amazing, not only beautiful, but so nice & fun to work with.  Her girls are absolutely adorable & I cannot wait to meet little baby girl in the next few weeks & do her newborn pictures!!  HOORAY.  Enjoy…

I know there’s a lot of black & whites in here, but I’ve always felt like those capture the moment somehow… more so than a regular picture.  And I felt like this precious moment had to be captured.  These 3 beautiful ladies, waiting for their little one to join their family.  And we got a few with dad.  So those will come…