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Adorable Mr ‘M’

April 11, 2010

What a sweet baby – look at those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes.  LOVE!!  And that chubby baby body makes me love him even more.  Why can’t that be adorable when you’re, oh say … 29?  lol  Enjoy!


Mister ‘A’ {Kaysville Utah Children’s Photography}

April 2, 2010

He looks so serious in this first picture.  Maybe he felt the responsibility of wearing a tie.  🙂  What a sweetheart little guy.  He reminded me of my little guys with all that chub, I just wanted to squeeze him!  He did let me hold him for a few minutes in between shots!  That’s what gets me day to day without a baby in my life.  That, and the LOVE of SLEEP!  🙂  lol   Enjoy…

Bridals & Formals {Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photographer}

March 26, 2010

What is with the weather?  I am dying!  One minute, it’s spring & the next it’s snowing?  This couple here knows all about the challenges of Utah weather.  We had to do their formals all indoors, because it snowed ALL day long.  Then, when he left to go out of town, the sun came out & it was beautiful.  SO we did a bridal session with Angie outside.  I’m loving the pictures, I just wish the weather could have cooperated.  Hopefully by their wedding in April, the weather will settle down & we’ll have a beautiful day!    Enjoy…

A Sneak Peak… for Cheryl

March 22, 2010

I love this family.  So cute & so so nice.  They’re my neighbors… I’m seriously so lucky.  I love where I live!  🙂  I wanted to post just this one for now … I had 8 sessions last week.  And one of them was a wedding.  SO I’m exhausted.  I’m running on little sleep & even less patience for my kids.  But I’ll catch up this week, and hopefully fall asleep at some point tonight.

Back to my point, this picture is being posted because right after we shot this, it started to snow… hard.  We finally had to call it because we were all totally wet & it was only getting worse.  The poor kids were freezing, it looked sunny!!  Of course, we drive back to the studio & find sunshine.  What??  Anyway – I wanted to share this so they know that there are some great pics, even though the weather tried to run us off… Enjoy!